Web Videos

  • Model Profiles

    Fast editing, fast cut, low cost web videos. The Model Academy profile video was filmed and edited in 24 hours.

  • Kerry O’Brien Interview

    Video interview's make up the majority of videos on the internet. It's a great way for people to come across candid and natural.

  • EVC Product Video

    iTV Production wrote the script, produced the storyboard and post-produced all aspects of this promotional product focused video.

  • How to Series Introduction Video

    iTV Production produced this promotional video to introduce the range of How To videos for their line of makeup. From how to get that natural loo, all the way yo smokey eyes.

  • Live Event Production

    iTV Production filmed, edited and produced this video to highlight both the red carpet launch and book to inner city people looking to own a pet. itvproduction.com.au

  • Donate Blood Promotional Video

    This snippet for the Australian Red Cross was part of a large project to encourage people to donate blood.

  • Promotional Website Video

    iTV Production filmed a series of on location web videos to advertise new outdoor furniture items. We story boarded and planned what we're to be the best selling features, then filmed at a beautiful backyard with a pool location to enhance the high quality furniture. itvproduction.com.au

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