Kerry O’Brien Interview

The Problem

How to get more depth and insight from a conference speech.

The Solution

Filming a post-speech intervew after the speaker comes down from the stage can give the viewer an intimate and more in-depth insight into a particular subject.

Video interview productions make up the majority of videos on the internet. It’s a great way for people to come across candid and natural.  Sergio Martiniello Director/Producer of iTV Production Australia know how to get the most out of his subjects. With years of experience and interviewing arguably the best journalist Australia has seen, Kerry O’Brien he brings his depth of experience and intelligent video production to all of his clients. In this particular video, it was a series of video interviews for the Work Force of the Future, AWPA. iTV Production produced, filmed, edited and distributed to YouTube.

It was an honour and a pleasure to interview such a respected journalist such as Kerry O’Brien.