Not following how successful your videos are OR what response and views you’re getting from your video will not arm you with basic strategy.

First Step:

What is the purpose of your video? Informing viewers about your service? Launching a new product? Want people to sign up to your newsletter? Establishing what you want to get our of your video will help you get to the next step.

Second Step:
The easiest and most common way to track success is via the number of hits your video is getting. YouTube have some great tracking and analysis tools to help you gain onsite into how many people are viewing. When they disengage. Where they are watching from. Which platform are they viewing it from smartphone, tablet, Pc, etc.

Third Step:
‘Click Through’ is your classic call to action. Via YouTube you can now have a link within the video that allows viewers to click through to another video, your website, a newsletter sign up form, etc. This feature gives you great onsite into how your video is performing.

Fourth Step:
Return On Your Investment (ROI) which is a very used term for all businesses. This is simple, set your goals which may be ‘I would like my viewers to click the link on the video’. Place a monetary value on these click just like you would place a monetary value on a sales person getting a customer to commit to buying. You then measure your click through against how much the video has cost you and that how you find your ROI.

There are many ways to get value out of your video production and the iTV sales people can show you how. Please content me or call 03 9525 5913.