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Production matters in your TV Commercial

Every TV commercial production is different in terms of style and budget. Low budget does not necessarily mean it will be a poor production; nor does it mean your message won’t get through to your target audience. However don’t expect a high concept script to be delivered well on a low budget.

For example, a script that requires a high profile celebrity, a stunt actor & a car chase on a busy Melbourne street, isn’t possible on a low budget. Be realistic with your budget and your expectations. Remember iTV Production can help plan a budget that will determine the script and outcome of the TV commercial.

Branding should enhance your TV Commercial

At iTV Production Melbourne, we can’t emphasize the importance of branding. Your TV commercial should enhance your brand as well as the advertising message.

Branding is not just reflected with the visual medium but also the whole production of the TV commercial. That includes the script, the actors, the directing and production values. Research is important in making sure all components of the TV commercial coincide with the company’s branding.