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Writing a script for a TV Commercial

Writing a script to fit your TV commercial’s length is important. It is very easy to try and squeeze too much information into a 15 – 30 second ad believing more is actually better.

iTV Production believe too much information can kill the message you’re trying to convey. Be concise, clear and to the point. A well-scripted and punchy TV commercial will grab the attention of the viewer and they will be more likely to enquire about your product or services. If there is too much dialogue, you will make it difficult for the post-production team to squeeze it into the allocated time frame. Allow your commercial to breathe.

Use professional actors in your TV commercial production

Consider using a presenter or personality for your TV commercial. Viewers will be more likely to engage with another person, on screen, than just emotionless shots of products or buildings. Talented actors can deliver your message as intended. When choosing an actor for your TV advertising, consider your target market.

There is no point in paying a lot of money for a well-known celebrity if they don’t fit the demographic of your brand. Do your research – it will pay off!

iTV Production offer a stable of talented actors based in Melbourne, with a wealth of experience in TV commercials.