My experience with him was movie magic. Geoffrey was a sincere and and down to earth kind of guy. He had his assistants running around getting this and that (as one would when you are as busy as him). He was more than happy to take several shots with myself and even positioned himself so the photo would come out looking better. But once the lights and cameras went on, his face completely changed and he got into his professional mode of acting.
It was a delight having him at St Kilda Studios. He worked here in Melbourne at our green screen studio, with a crew of 9 people who had set up several hours before he arrived. He was in the studio for only 25 minutes and then left in a flutter of Hollywood glamor. A true star.

 Below: Geoffrey Rush and St Kilda Studio owner Sergio Martiniello



Geoffrey Rush and St Kilda Studio owner Sergio Martiniello

GeoffereyRush_StKilda Studios_Melbourne

Geoffrey Rush having his hair and make up done in the Hollywood Glamour room at St Kilda Studios in Melbourne.





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